About TranStat

To enable field personnel and researchers to analyze data from local outbreaks of infectious diseases, with the aim of…

  • Detecting individual-to-individual (person-to-person) transmission of pathogens
  • Evaluating the transmissibility of pathogens
  • Evaluating the effects of risk factors and interventions on transmission
  • Providing basic summary statistics, such as epidemic curves and case fatality ratios (version 1 only)
  • Performing simulation studies, for example, to perform power calculations for study design purposes

Download the Tutorial here.

For more information, contact Professor Yang Yang.


Download binary versions of TranStat to the same folder as your data input and configuration files.

Compiled Binary Versions (Version 3.0)

Uncompiled C code (Version 3.0)

Windows binary (Version 0.1)

  • Windows binary (external website)