Global Model

Our Global Model is a stochastic model of influenza transmission around the globe. This work is described in the paper The Global Transmission and Control of Influenza.

The model is open source.

To run the model, you will need to have python and the numpy library installed. There is no user interface, and the software does not produce graphics. NASA’s World Wind was used to generate images of the world, and Map Equation was used to produce the country clusters and maps.


README Brief instructions for using the model
Python source and data files Version 1.0 of the source code and the data files required to run the model.
LICENSE The code is released under GPLv3.
Movie M1: Simulation of a pandemic H1N1-like influenza M1-pandemic2009.avi
Movie M2: Simulation of a Hong Kong-like influenza M2-HongKong.avi
Movie M3: Simulation of vaccination to mitigate a pandemic H1N1-like influenza M3-Mexico.avi


This work was supported by MIDAS (U01-GM070749), the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (R01-AI32042), the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (F32-GM085945), and GSK.


Eben Kenah and Dennis Chao